Sales and Support

Presales service

Our team are available to discuss all options with you to ensure the right piece of equipment is tailored to your specific use.

Where possible, Progressive Equipment staff can do a free, no obligation demonstration of a SharpGrade Leveller or Multi Grab on your machine, so you can experience the benefits before you purchase. When we are next in your area, we can arrange a time to visit you.

Post sales service

凯时首页After arranging a suitable time for delivery, Progressive Equipment will commission your new attachment, to ensure it is correctly set up and that you are shown the basic fundamentals of its use.

凯时首页We are only a phone call or email away, if you have any further questions.

Progressive Equipment offers a comprehensive warranty, as stated in the warranty section, below.

Maintenance and Product Support

As the SharpGrade leveller and Multi Grab have been designed to be low maintenance and grease free, all that is required is just the odd check on tightness of bolts and any wear.

凯时首页As the leveller comes with options such as Scarifiers, quick release poles or external control box, Progressive Equipment will help you decide if any of these options will enhance your business.

On the off chance that part of your attachment gets damaged, Progressive Equipment can offer a service to repair or supply spare parts, to your requirement.

凯时首页 Using non approved Progressive Equipment repairers may affect your warranty.

Customer Service Representatives

For New Zealand sales and support (Progressive Equipment), please contact Grant Emmett on NZ +64 27 701 3054 or email

凯时首页For International sales and support (ForSite International / SharpGrade International), please contact Rodney Sharp on +64 8490999 or email

Read Progressive Equipment’s comprehensive warranty >

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